LOOK: Raiders release splashy new renderings of $1.9 billion stadium in Vegas

If you’re betting on where the Raiders are going to be playing football in five years, you might not want to drop any money on Oakland because it looks like the odds are starting to favor Las Vegas.

For the past four months, Raiders owner Mark Davis has  made it clear that he’ll be moving his team to Vegas if the city builds him an NFL stadium.

That possibility now seems to be one step closer to reality after the team gave a stadium presentation in front of the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC) on Thursday.

During the presentation, the Raiders — and their partner, the Sands Casino Group — made one thing absolutely clear: If the state of Nevada is willing to commit $750 million in public funding towards a new NFL stadium, then the stadium will get built and the Raiders will move to Vegas.

The state of Nevada is willing to commit a lot of public money, but has been hesitant to commit to the $750 million total. The state  would rather commit somewhere between $500 and $600 million to the $1.9 billion stadium project.

However, that’s not an option, according to Sands president Rob Goldstein.

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