Yannick Mugnier Is Driving XS to Its Next Milestone


Newest. Biggest. Best.

These are the superlatives that propel the inquiries we face when out-of-town friends ask about Las Vegas nightclubs. Since 2009, one of the top recommendations for those in the know has been XS in Encore, which is about to turn seven.

When we last rountabled with XS’ team for the club’s fifth anniversary, the talk was all electronic dance music and unforgettable moments. Now, approaching another milestone birthday, Yannick Mugnier, senior executive director of nightclub operations, says XS still focuses on talent, but it’s time for the DJ to share the spotlight. 

“[Around town], we see different trends happening. [Some venues] have live performances, and that’s a niche that works well for them. For us, we want to stay with the DJs and what we can offer to set us apart from our competition. The DJ was the king—and that’s still the style [in terms of talent]—but there needs to be a refocus on the guest experience and making the guest the king again.”

Skrillex and Diplo at XS

One major stride was the $10 million technology revamp that the club underwent last year. “In the U.S., everything is a trend,” says Mugnier, who is originally from France. “And every trend comes to an end. So you have to go in and think of the next [thing]. We spent a lot of money on bringing in technology that amplifies the experience of the customer, and that was a good part of our success.”

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