Celebrate the Super Bowl Las Vegas-style


Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 | 2 a.m.

For the majority of us who won’t be watching Super Bowl 50 from inside Levi’s Stadium, the good news is the second-best place to enjoy the big game is right here in Las Vegas. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to our city to participate in a spirited atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. This year will be no exception, especially because it’s the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary.

If there were ever a time to take advantage of all Las Vegas has to offer, it’s big game weekend. Here are our tips for having your best game-day celebrations at the casino.

• Scout out different party packages

Forgo the stress of hosting a Super Bowl party at home and investigate instead the myriad of pre-planned party options available. Many casinos offer all-inclusive party packages at their bars, restaurants, clubs or sports books. The packages often include food, drinks, guaranteed seating and even prizes. Furthermore, they run the gamut of price points, so there’s a choice for any desired extravagance level.

• Be ready to eat, a lot

What do you get when you combine a food-centric city with Super Bowl weekend? The best darn tailgating food imaginable. From traditional fare to high-end, gastronomical spins on classic stadium food, the options ensure you’ll have the game-day spread of your wildest dreams.

• Grab a drink

Most party packages include an open bar or low-cost options for beer buckets, bottles and cocktail service. Just be sure to pace yourself. Most parties start early and end late, and no one wants to be the friend who has to go home early.

• Keep a good attitude

Anywhere you go during Super Bowl weekend will be crowded and likely full of overzealous tourists. But guess what? That’s part of the fun! Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by the amount of revelry. Grab a couple of friends, keep a beer in hand and join the party. Some people will never get the chance to experience Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas, and what an experience it is!

• Place a bet, even if you’re typically not a gambler

Even if your day won’t revolve around the sports book, placing a couple small bets has a way of making the game feel more exciting. Bet on the winning team, grab a couple of parlay cards or choose a few fun prop bets to drop $10 on. Then sit back and enjoy the game. If you’re a first-time or infrequent bettor, keeping your bets easy and lighthearted can ensure you don’t get hit with a major financial disappointment but still leave open the option for an exciting win.

• Arrive at the sports book in advance

If you plan to spend the day camped out at the sports book, as many avid bettors are, be sure to arrive early to get a good seat. Few things beat the high-energy vibe, cushy chairs or gargantuan television screens at the sports book, especially during the Super Bowl. So if you’re looking to rub elbows with fellow handicappers and spend the day placing bets, arriving in the morning is key.

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