Ten Ways IKEA Will Destroy Your Life When It Opens In Las Vegas

vegas sign

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that IKEA is opening in Vegas soon. Like, not tomorrow soon, but June-ish soon, which is plenty soon enough. While you’re off dreaming of spice racks and area rugs named after Swedish towns, we’re here to address the real issues at hand. Here’s the downside to what may happen to your life when IKEA opens.

10. You may decide you love IKEA more than your significant other.

9. You may pass your IKEA addiction unto your spawn.

8. In fact, you may decide you want to have IKEA for your spawn.

7. Your friends may tire of your IKEA-induced-anxiety-phone-calls. (“No, you don’t understand, they don’t have it in stock so I have to order it online!”)

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