‘Crazy Girls’ celebrates 28 years of headlining on the Las Vegas Strip

Ever since the gorgeous “Crazy Girls” burst onto the topless cabaret scene 28 years ago, they’ve been the subject of controversy in constantly pushing the envelope of nearly nude exhibitionism.

They certainly didn’t disappoint with their in-your-face attitude at Wednesday night’s 28th anniversary show in their new home at Planet Hollywood. Edgy and erotic doesn’t even begin to describe the rising temperatures of their new show.

For lust-filled males, this is the show that really kicks ass. In fact, it’s a show that drives home the stunning emphasis of T&A. Seven stunning sirens make it the most scandalous show on the Strip.

The curvy creatures who keep trim and in perfect physically fit shape thanks to daily three-hour workouts are bare-legged — no fishnets here — with as many posterior poses as possible re-creating the famous bronze butts statue that caused the original raucous all those years ago.

The clothes — what little there is — comes off faster than any other similar show in Las Vegas, and the closing “You Turn Me On” number with Danielle, Rachel, Sara, Michelle, Melissa, Jacklyn, Janell and Jenna is a fashion stunner with the lovelies discreetly covered with white fur pelts.

Seconds earlier, delicious Down Under dance captain Sara writhes and slithers over an inflated male organ lounger that fires streamers into the audience to punctuate its sex-fueled acrobatics.

The show that throbs at rat-a-tat speed with 19 routines including comedy magic by Tony Douglas and powerhouse songs from Jacklyn Mazzuca is a nonstop dish of delights.

Danielle and Melissa cavort with pleasure on a massage table; three dancers dressed in black latex, thigh-high boots and dominatrix outfits are chained together — and that’s just the beginning.

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