9 things that happen in Las Vegas every September


By Kristen DeSilva

September around the country means many things — leaves start changing color, within weeks temperatures are sweater-worthy and now that summer is over, it’s time to get serious again — but that doesn’t exactly ring true for Southern Nevada.

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the party isn’t stopping in Las Vegas. Nor will it be cool — well, at least it’s cooler than July.

So what actually happens in Las Vegas in September? Oh, you know…

Drivers hope orange cone season ends, but it won’t

A Las Vegas summer is famous for it’s orange cones, and while the trees remain stubborn and stay green, the only orange drivers see is on the roads. The City of Las Vegas and Clark County are constantly repairing and building, which ends up pretty good for many residents, but it’s always going to feel like it’s in the way of your commute.

A foliage change? What do you mean?

If you can catch it, the Las Vegas Valley goes through about one week of summer to autumn transformation. According to a foliage map from Smokey Mountains, Clark County’s foliage “peak” is on October 31 this year. Meanwhile, all of your out-of-state Facebook friends have already posted pictures of their leaf piles and beautiful, multi-colored streets.

A temperature change? What’s that?

Okay, it changes a little bit, but low temperatures for Las Vegas residents are still warning-worthy in the north. The first week of September is seeing temperatures in the high 90s, which will still break a sweat, and mid-90s lasting until the third week of the month. The average on September 30? 87.8 degrees. By Halloween, the average is a freezing 73.9.

But when it does get colder…

… tourists can play “spot the local,” because they’re the only ones wearing sweaters when it’s in the 80s. At least locals can play the hot day-cold night desert-temperatures card, because those 85-degree days can feel pretty dang cold at night. Do you hear that? Oh, it’s the northeast laughing.

College kids finally disappear from your favorite bars

Unless, of course, your favorites are the college bars. You’ll still have to avoid them on weekends, though, if that’s not your crowd. Either way, it’s still in the 90s outside, so you can ignore them for a cold one.

A bunch of your friends get married

It gets prettier outside (eventually) and cools down (eventually) which is the perfect recipe for a wedding. Nationally, September is the third most popular for weddings, but June and August are just ridiculous if you want an outdoor wedding. If they’re not getting married, they’re announcing a wedding for October (when it’s cooler and prettier).

You start seeing inappropriately-timed holiday displays

September 1 means the Halloween candy is hitting the shelves. Mid-way through September is when you start to see Thanksgiving decorations. Some stores will even have Christmas items on shelves before October 1. It’s still in the mid-90s, Christmas just doesn’t feel right yet.

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