13 things Las Vegas locals want to ask tourists


Tourists walk along the Strip in front of Bally‘s hotel-casino on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

By Kristen DeSilva

Las Vegas locals and tourists are really one in the same, just with different goals. Sometimes it’s easy to spot the tourist — especially on the Strip — and at other times you’ll accidentally assume a local is a tourist. 

The reasons you can (most of the time) differentiate the two while out on the Strip is the way people navigate, dress, talk about the sights and unfortunately sometimes by the way they’re drinking.

We asked our Facebook fans what they would love to ask tourists, and here are some of the more popular things they wondered:

When you’re gambling, why don’t you tip the cocktail waitress? (Kathy Ayers)

Try not to forget — most of Las Vegas employees on the Strip rely on tips to support themselves or family. Just because you know the staff won’t remember you next year or you won’t ever be back doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude.

What did you enjoy most about Las Vegas? (Carol Ann Morgan)

Maybe the sights, maybe the sounds, maybe the not tipping.

Why don’t you use the crosswalks? (Vickie Warren)

Seriously, they’re there for a reason. Not only is it extremely dangerous, it’s not worth the ticket if you’re caught.

What does Las Vegas mean to you? (Food Trucks Las Vegas)

Adventures? The gateway to brothels up north? An excuse to get away from the kids?

You do realize you can’t drive with an open container of booze, right? (Terri Sim)

You also can’t wander any street you want to with a bottle of liquor. Las Vegas’ laws are pretty particular, and you don’t want to find them out the hard way.

What can we work on to make your next trip here better? (Limo Ron)

If we could turn down the thermostat, we would, but unfortunately, we can’t control the sun. Maybe you have some better (and actually workable) solutions.

Do you act this way in your home town? (Eric Center)

Maybe you just love to get crazy all the time, but I doubt you’d risk your job over risque photos if you were in Minnesota.

What makes you come back to Vegas? (Janet Senk)

Although many Las Vegans are happy to be local, others are dissatisfied with the city. Do you only come back for the Strip? Have you been anywhere else in town?

Have you ever had a better experience than Las Vegas? (Anthony H. Shea)

Las Vegans know that’s not possible, so don’t answer that one.

Why do you come to Vegas in August and then complain about the heat? (Carin Haseltine)

It’s a desert. It’s a dry heat. Get ready to get sweaty.

Why do you like those yardstick drinks? (Charlie)

They can be more than $25 and filled with something that’s going to give you a wicked hangover.

Why do you think our winters aren’t cold? (Alesha Beauchamp)

It’s a desert. It’s a dry cold. Get ready to get chilly. (Oh, and we know it doesn’t get as cold here as it does almost everywhere else in the country. But wouldn’t you be cold at 50 degrees if you spent half the year above 90 degrees?)

When are you coming back? 

Really, though, locals love tourists, even if they’re getting way too crazy for anywhere else. 

SOURCE: http://www.reviewjournal.com/trending/silver-state/13-things-las-vegas-locals-want-ask-tourists