Knowing Vegas: What’s the most expensive meal in Vegas?

If you’re looking for some of the most well-known, expensive meals in Las Vegas, you’ll have to specify how far you want your dollar to go and for what.

If you’re more of a “my wallet doesn’t matter” kind of person, you can try the Fleur Burger 5000 at Fleur by Hubert Keller in Mandalay Bay for $5,000.

The special includes a wagyu beef burger with foie gras and truffle joined by a bottle of 1996 Chateau Petrus, a bottle of wine that ranges $1,000 – $4,000 on its own.

Las Vegas offers a bunch of similar “meals” like that one that technically take the top spots for most expensive in town, but when it comes down to an actual full-course meal, there are the two you’ll probably be directed at.

Both Joël Robuchon Restaurant, in the MGM Grand, and Restaurant Guy Savoy offer two of the most expensive meals in Las Vegas — a city known for excess, in case you forgot.

Robuchon’s “Menu Degustation” rings in at $445 per person, not including the wine pairings. The 19-course meal begins with caviar and crab dish, followed by dishes containing foie gras, frog legs, black truffle, lobster, beef Châteaubriand and assortment of involved desserts.

A similar menu can be found down the road at Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, for a bargain $375 per person. The 14-course meal features an amuse bouche, tartare, sea bass, foie gras, black truffle soup, quail, wagyu beef and a black truffle cromesqui.

“The tip for two at Guy Savoy is more than most families of four spend on dinner,” said professional poker player Richard Brodie to NBC News. “It’s a paradise for the gourmet and the expense-account owner, but the day of the bargain is gone.”