Flying into McCarran will give you the best view in the US — VIDEO

Of nearly 150 airports around the world nominated, the view flying into Las Vegas was ranked No. 2. It’s no doubt Las Vegas is as stunning from the ground as it is in the air, and one advantage is McCarran’s location.

The airport is located almost in the heart of the urban area, just slightly southeast of the Strip, which, for natives who are unaware, isn’t very common for major cities in the United States. Most airports are a cab ride away from the meat of a city.

The decision comes from PrivateFly’s team of judges, who come from different areas of the travel industry.

Queenstown Airport in New Zealand was the only airport to beat McCarran, and yeah, it’s pretty.

When landing in Las Vegas, flying during the day or at night makes all the difference. During the day, you get the see the mountain ranges that surround the valley, as well as other natural features. At night, you can see how truly bright Las Vegas is, from the outskirts of town to the neon on the Strip.

Judge Doug Gollan said, “Arriving at night makes the Las Vegas strip look like some type of miniature recreation. It is always worth a window seat.”

The next top three airports include Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azu in France, Barra Airport in Scotland and St. Maarten (Princess Juliana International) Airport.

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